Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Books: I Finished One!

Oh, man... I'm so forgetful these days. I have been reading an orange book. I left it at work last week on a Monday and couldn't retrieve it until Thursday. Then I brought it home and once again lost track of it!

I gave up and started reading another book, and guess what... I lost it, too! I was getting frustrated! But, I figured both books were hiding somewhere in my house under some fabric piles, and that is exactly true. I found them both while working on sorting and organizing my fabrics.

So I finished the second one, The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy by Rachel Joyce. Have you read The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by the same author? The Queenie Hennessy book is another chunk of that story, not a sequel or a prequel, but the author calls it a companion book.

I loved the Harold Fry book, a lot! Some people find it boring, I guess. But I just loved the in-depth look at private lives of regular people who suffer a tragedy and how they deal with it, how it effects their relationship, etc. That's the Harold Fry book. Harold walks the length of England to visit a friend who is dying of cancer. This second book about Miss Queenie Hennessy, is told from the viewpoint of that friend, Queenie.

I loved this book as well! It's another wonderful, endearing look into a regular person's life, how she thinks, how she looks at life, how her experiences shape her. The writing is superb, and it's just so touching and profound.

I give both of these books 5 of 5 stars and highly recommend them.

Now I get to go back in time, back to the orange book, and see if I can finish it before I completely forget what is happening and who are the characters! I'm relieved that I found it (again).

reading at a Minneapolis restaurant on a gorgeous spring day

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Leanne said...

I was just listening to Kerri Miller this morning talk about "books they had lied about reading" among other books... Fun read. Always wonderful to have recommendations. Thanks for yours; I truly enjoy them! So hard to choose sometimes between sewing and reading!!! Love the barns!