Monday, May 23, 2016

Hands2Help Challenge Completed!

I contributed four quilts for this year's challenge. Let's take a look:

These first two went to the program in Canada for women and kids. (Will go, I should say. They have been boxed up and ready to ship for a while, and I just keep putting off going to the post office.) The first one was a guild project - blocks made by several people and put together by Sally, then was quilted at Missouri Star Quilt company. The second one was also put together by my local guild. I assembled it, and a guild member, Nancy B., quilted it for us.

This one is going to Emily for cancer patients. I actually bought this top on ebay. I had it quilted at Missouri Star Quilt Company. All I did was bind it! I thought it was so pretty and considered keeping it, but I decided someone battling cancer needs it more desperately than I do.

And this one, the only one I have actually put in the mail so far, went to the Texas program for bereaved families. I made it from blocks I purchased at my guild's "store" which we host during our show, and then displayed it as part of our challenge to "make something from items you purchased from our store." It was quilted by local quilter-extraordinaire, Diane S.

Check the link here to see more beautiful quilts donated by people with big hearts! If you have never made a charity quilt, I challenge you to make at least one in your lifetime. It's fun!


Danice said...

All pretty quilts. The people will be proud to own them :)

Louise said...

These are lovely! I really like the falling leaves on the fourth one. It's so nice that you donated to each of the charities.

Kate said...

Hello there, Carol !!!! Congrats on four donations !!!
I'm working hard to finish my second... by the time the linky deadline comes around on Saturday, she will be done, or i'll just take a photo at whatever stage it is ! Kathleen

Kat said...

Carol, your "store" quilt is perfect! Thanks so much for supporting CiL.

Sarah Craig said...

Four gorgeous quilts! You and your guild have done wonderfully!!! Thanks for being part of H2H this year!