Sunday, November 02, 2014

The Joy of Quilts

I have been slowly building my Depression Block quilt that uses zillions of scraps. Here it is as of right now:

I wasn't sure how many blocks I wanted to make; I guess I answered my own question by stopping at nine. So this is a baby-size quilt. Does it seem appropriately baby to you? There are lots of fun kid-friendly fabrics in there: an elephant, monkeys, a mouse that sews, airplanes, typewriters, flowers, chickens, etc... lots to look at, but atypical as baby quilts go.

I was going to add a second border, but that would make it 48" square which seems a little big for a baby quilt. So now I'm thinking I might just change the current border by adding in some HSTs to finish those flying geese units into square-in-squares. What do you think? Should I bother? It wouldn't be hard, just kind of tedious. And should I do them just in the borders or in the borders and at the four corners?

Here's another thing I made: a table topper. It was my "practice" one, using the fabrics I'm not as crazy about. I have some brighter Christmas fabrics (that I like better) to make a second one, but I decided not to do this pattern again. I'm glad I practiced with these less-loved fabrics first. This and whatever next one I make will be sold (I hope) in a silent auction we're doing at work.

Here's where I really felt the joy today. One of our Sunshine members (online guild) is currently working with the medical team doing free cleft lip/palate surgeries in Venezuela. She posted some photos at our blog, and here is a baby who was given a quilt I made!!! It's a rare and very joyful treat to see a picture of a kid with a quilt I made! I think my friend, Diane, quilted this one. I didn't, and the quilting is beautiful, so it must have been Diane. Look at this sweet baby!

I'm thrilled!


Jennifer said...

congrats on seeing one of your quilts in action! I make lots of charity quilts, too, and I know it's extra special to see who received it!
as for your scrappy baby quilt- yes, I think you should finish out the pattern with the HSTs in the border. and corner. it would look really nice. I think your quilt is a perfect baby quilt- it won't be outgrown too quickly because it's not all baby fabrics!

Exuberant Color said...

I don't think I would change the border; it is very nice the way it is. I would be on to the next charity quilt.

karyn said...

I like non-traditional baby quilts - this is beautiful! I wouldn't change the border - maybe just add a scrappy binding to finish it off. Your charity quilt is beautiful - what a joyful gift.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Wonderful baby quilt - quit stressing about the borders, they're great!

How VERY cool to see the recipient with one of your quilts - yes!

Anonymous said...

Considering the tedium of changing the border, I don't think it is necessary. However, if making another, I might consider making the full squares.

As to non-traditional baby quilt--that's not a stopper. Non-traditional is good. High contrast is good for baby eyes. Detailed prints are good entertainment as they grow older.