Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So Many UFOs - Now Done!

We had a fun night at quilt guild Tuesday night. One woman had encouraged us to finish UFOs (unfinished objects). We each signed up with the number of UFOs we thought we could totally finish by our June meeting. If we brought that number and showed them, completely done, we would be entered into a drawing for prizes.

This resulted in quite a Show and Tell of finished quilts that otherwise would still be sitting in closets and drawers, undone forever. Some people were inspired to finish quilts they liked and actually wanted. Some finished projects that they had forgotten even existed until the challenge came along. Some finished patterns that they thought were very ugly, but went along with the challenge just so they'd finally be done. Some were only a year or a few months old, some were as old as 15 years.

I signed up for only one completed quilt, knowing I would be hard pressed to follow through on any more than that. So I showed my quilt and got my name entered in the drawing... and I won a bank made by the challenge originator's father-in-law!

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the people who showed up without their quilt! They had not finished, which got them boos and a promise that they would now be on the Wall of Shame... but I forgot to line them up for the photo shoot.

So here are 26 quilts that would have been UFOs for who knows how many more years without the nudge of a certain organized woman...

the bank I won

when a coin goes into the money slot it plays music

After all that excitement, we also had a show of quilts made by people who participated in a block of the month project. This one was very ambitious, with many different blocks being required each month. The pattern was in Quiltmaker magazine a while back. Here are the quilts, ranging from blocks still in a box (woman in pink) to unquilted tops to completely done with bindings and labels. I love seeing how different they look, even though they were all made from the same pattern.

Apparently in August we are going to have some kind of "ugly" contest... not only quilts, but even outfits. I should start scouting around at Goodwill now even though I don't know the project details yet. Sounds like fun, whatever it will be.


Beth said...

Wow that looks like lots of work being done! I love the look of the block challenge ...very interesting!

Pattilou said...

What a fun group to belong to! I loved the sampler quilts--it's amazing how different they all look!

For me, I've come to agree that finished is better than perfect. Finishing really gets the cobwebs out of the brain and onto a new project.

Thanks for the fun pictures!

Anonymous said...

What a colorful post! All that work from some many taleneted hands. Congrats on winning the bank. What a nice design on it!

Anonymous said...

C: Thanks for telling me about the unfinished sweater. I checked it out! It's so close to being finished, too - sleeves and neckband. Wish I could wrap up that project for her. The movie I went to was Midnight in Paris. Goodnight was in the next theater at a kid movie.