Monday, April 25, 2011


April A-Z Challenge: S is for Sundays

azaleas I bought to decorate church on Easter Sunday, in honor of my mom

Yesterday was Easter. I had a nice day! It was a beautiful, sunny day - finally! We've had our share of cloudy and chilly days. Easter's nice weather was a gift.

Sundays are really nice. They have been church days all my life. My dad was a minister, so we always went to church, with no exception. Even on vacation we would usually find a church somewhere nearby. When I was in college I did the typical pull-away-from-church thing, briefly. But I got back to the pattern of church-going after I got married.

In the last few years my current church has been changing and growing, thanks to the wonderful staff we have who have helped us "wake up." It has helped me solidify my beliefs and feel a much stronger foundation for how I want to live my life. Sundays are even more special to me now -- a time to recharge my batteries and re-dedicate myself to trying to live a good life.

It feels good to have come this far along the spiritual journey. And yesterday, on Easter Sunday, I got to sit next to a family with a CUTE little baby, about 6-7 months old, I would guess. She was adorable. That was a nice Easter gift right there.

I'm thankful for:
1) Pastor Penny and Megan
2) book group
3) a beautiful, sunny day
4) family enjoying dinner and a game of Boggle
5) azaleas


Megs said...

Awww... I'm all teary-eyed. ;)

(And I saw the big smile on your face when Jake and Christina sat next to you in church! I knew you would love watching little Farrah!)

BrendaLou said...

the azealia is beautiful! what variety? have a good week at workd!

Betteem said...

Over the last few years I have read your interesting blog quite regularly, don't comment much, but I'm taking time today to say, "Hooray for honoring your Mom with flowers". Mine passed a year ago, May 7.....really miss her a lot. It is like the passing of a best friend. I'm honoring her on your blog today by telling you how much she was loved.
Thanks for all you do for others!