Friday, April 08, 2011


April A-Z Challenge: D for Doctors

our doctor-nephew

When I was a kid, our family doctor was a guy who went to our church. He was also a family friend, and his kids were friends with my siblings. He made house calls! Can you imagine?? I remember many times when he would come over and give me a shot in my butt while I lay sick on the couch. I guess it was penicillin. I used to get strep throat every year! It was embarrassing to get shots in my butt, but even more so because he was a family friend.

We moved from that town when I was 12, so then I had a new doctor. I thought he was quite handsome. He was the dad of a girl who was my classmate. Once I broke my finger while playing basketball, and I had to sit in the waiting room before I could be seen. I started to feel a little faint from the pain and from waiting so long. That finger is still super crooked, so I guess Dr. Handsome didn't really know how to set a broken finger!

I don't recall ever seeing a woman doctor as I grew up. There were a few, brave, pioneering women who were doctors, of course. But I lived in small towns where the doctors were all white men.

In the 1970s women started entering those traditionally male fields. It's so much nicer now with all genders and races as doctors. We need the input and perspective of everyone to make it a healthier world!

By the time I started having children, there were more women in the field. I'm glad my kids got to see a wide variety of people in the doctor role!

My nephew recently graduated from medical school and is in his first year as a "real doctor." I'm sure his patients love him! He's a smart, cool, funny young man! We are so proud of him!


Jill said...

Is your nephew a pediatrician? He looks so happy (and cute, BTW!)

Carol E. said...

Jill, he is very good with the little kid patients, and everyone at med school asked if he was going into peds. He says they asked it because he never grew up himself! (haha) I thought he'd be good in peds, too, but he went to internal medicine.