Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday Summary

Had a great weekend. The weather was nice! It's so great to get out of the deep freeze. And everything I did this weekend was super fun.

Saturday: helped put up the quilt show (see yesterday's post). Went to concert of Twin Cities Women's Choir Saturday night. It took place in a gorgeous church building in downtown St. Paul. Fantastic music! Fabulous! Awesome! It was a very fun and uplifting night, plus I saw an old friend in the audience and enjoyed catching up. Great way to spend an evening!

On the way home I snapped pictures of the lights in downtown St. Paul.. still up since pre-Christmas. They're so pretty!

Sunday: had fun at church. J&J did a great panel discussion on grief. They are remarkable people. Missed B today, and I sat on the "wrong" side, so it felt funny. A good "new" experience for me. After church I had fun making red/white blocks for Sunshine. They are prettier in person than in this picture. I also worked on a wall hanging that had been in limbo. I didn't like the way it had turned out and needed to alter it. Not my favorite task, but I had fun working on it today. You'll see it eventually... it's not one of my speed projects! (Are any of them?)


Quilt Pixie said...

great colletion of red and white blocks :-)

Beth said...

Missed you too today! Lydia and I were both whining about missing church...for different reasons... but oh well...back to normal this week! Normal is my thing! No more sitting over there! lol