Monday, April 07, 2008

My Retreat to California

I just came back from a quilting retreat in Eureka, California! I had a great time! Nine people from Sunshine Quilt Guild attended (we are an on-line Yahoo group). It was fun to meet them all. Plus there were several attendees from the local and nearby areas. We worked on a mystery quilt, ate lots of good food, enjoyed laughs and gorgeous scenery. Three of us even got to enjoy a wonderful lunch at my cousin's house. Later she came to the retreat and sold some of her hand-made beaded jewelry.

Northern California beaches are beautiful.

And then there is the gorgeous redwood forest.

My cousin lives among the redwoods. Wow!

It was fun meeting other Sunnies. This is Bev H et moi.

This is my first step in the mystery quilt.

I'm still catching up from lack of sleep and jet lag, so I can't take time to write more tonight. This is just a few pictures; I will add more in the next couple of days.


Clare said...

Your cousin's house is 100% gorgeous and those Redwoods - wow!

It sounds as if you had a ball on retreat and the mystery is looking good.

Beth said...

Carol...looks like you had a wonderful time. Aren't Spring Breaks wonderful???

Chookyblue...... said...

retreats are mystery quilt sounds fun......wonderful surounds....