Sunday, April 20, 2008

Birds and Quilts

Before I talk about Birds and Quilts, I want to remind people to read my post from yesterday, April 19, to see how you can win a free book. Ann Zemke is donating a copy for this drawing!! How super is that?! I hope lots of you enter my little contest. Winner will be announced on May 1st.

Now on to my day's report. This morning I walked to church. It's just over a mile, like 1.2 miles. I didn't leave as early as I had planned, and I should have. I got to church all red in the face and out of breath, and I was surprised at how long it took me to recover. Mostly the red face -- I always get beet red when I exercise. (One guy thought I was sun burned.) But I was also hot for a very long time. Harumpf.

Anyway, the walk was very nice, and a little robin hopped along with me for a while. I managed to get a picture. I also walked home from church, and for some reason it seemed like a shorter walk. Must have been Divine inspiration after getting my church "fix." ha! I also didn't get so tired and so hot on the way home. I was pleased to get over 5,000 steps on my pedometer right away this morning! (Yes, I'm back doing the 10,000 Steps program through Health Partners - my third time. Maybe one of these years regular walking will turn into a habit with me. Keep your fingers crossed.)

Then I spent most of the afternoon finishing two quilts. One is for Wrap a Smile and one is for Rosebud. I'm taking some quilts along when I go to Rosebud in late summer.

This one is for Rosebud. I used charms I bought from BrendaLou in California when I went on her retreat in early April. I bought the green yardage there, too. The green is a Maywood fabric that is sooooo soft! (Maywood is always so nice and soft. I love it.) I started this with almost no plan in mind, but I like how the simple idea turned out so nice. The backing fabric is super soft, too, so this is just a cuddly and soooofffft quilt. I'm picturing it on some elder's lap while she/he rocks in a chair telling stories to the children -- but who knows where it will end up.

The next one, for Wrap a Smile, also couldn't have happened without BrendaLou. It's just a bunch of orphan pieces and blocks. The borders, however, are from BL. The blue one she donated free, and the red one I bought at her moonlight madness sale at the retreat. Then... the binding fabrics I also got free at her retreat. They are Blank fabrics. This is the first time I have pieced bindings to change color exactly at the corners. I wasn't sure how to get it perfect, but I guessed, and it turned out OK!

While I was working on this second quilt, I looked out our dining room window and there waddling by was a huge wild turkey! I couldn't grab my camera in time to catch a photo. He was big! And quite a pretty bird, though very funny looking while walking. So I had a bird-viewing day as well as a fun quilty day.

It's a gorgeous afternoon, so I think I'll go out and catch a few more rays before the sun sets. It's finally warm and springy here! Yippeeeeee!


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

whee, love that Wrap a Smile orphan quilt. so lively and fun and look, I see sign language hands in there! beautiful job too on those borders - they look dynamite.

jovaliquilts said...

Blogger isn't loading your first photo for me today (it's been treating me like that lately), but I absolutely love the second one! It's such a fun quilt, and I think the borders make it fantastic! I love the way you did the corners.

Christina said...

Way to go with your walking Carol! I love that a little bird was hopping along with you.

MissaB26 said...

I hear you - I can do 5000 steps a day, but 10000 rarely happens... I'm trying too.

Caron said...

Love the orphan blocks!