Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Oz Country Quilting Mum (Tracey) sent me these great cards, pictures, and little gift cards. Aren't they great? My favorite is the quilts hanging behind the little chooks (top left). Such a cool photo, but they all have great character. I shall use them carefully and for just the right occasion.

Last night we took a birthday cake to our son's house. It's his GF's birthday tomorrow. We had a nice chat and enjoyed a yummy cake. She is wonderful, and they are very fond of each other. It warms a mommy's heart.

It was a beautiful spring day today, finally! It got up to about 65 F. Wheee! This is late for us to not have reached 70 yet. It'll come soon, and then I'll start feeling too hot. Meanwhile I'm loving these mild temps; 65 to 70 is just perfect in my book.

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Darcie said...

I love the moderate temps as well, Carol!

Darling cards from "down under." How nice of her to share those with you!