Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Quilt Honoring Human Loss

Here's a picture of a small, 6-inch quilt. The square itself represents one American killed in the Iraq war. The French knots (212 of them) represent how many Iraqis die for every one American. This quilt project is the brainchild of Caron whose blog, And Still Counting, is here. She wanted a way to represent the toll this war is taking, without being political about it. No matter how a person feels about the war, I would hope anyone can view the quilt seriously, thinking of the human toll and not of politics. I appreciate the rare representation of the enormous losses on both sides. It's too easy to forget what is really happening so far from our own soil.

I hadn't made French knots in a few years, and was I ever rusty! You can see how inconsistent they are. Oh, well... I got better with practice. I'm going to make more squares. Just watch how my knots improve!

Here is a picture of the quilt as it is so far. Caron appreciates any help others can provide. She is hoping to put this quilt on display in St. Paul when the Republican National Convention meets here in August. Please check out her blog if you want to help. (I also have her link in my sidebar list of blogs.) She has a tutorial on how to make these little blocks. It's good hand work to do while watching movies from Netflix, sitting in traffic, traveling, etc.


Caron said...

Hey, that block looks great!! Thanks so much for all of your enthusiasm. I'm excited for what we can accomplish together! - Caron

Cher said...

great project and your quilt looks good Carol

Darcie said...

Love your block! Isn't the *whole picture* just awe-inspiring?!

And Caron's going to be in Fargo this Saturday. I -- sadly -- cannot make it there.