Monday, March 26, 2007

Under the Weather

I haven't posted lately for a couple of reasons: 1) I was just feeling blah about everything. Maybe it was the "end of winter blues." Is there such a thing? Maybe it was the gray days, the gray snow... who knows? I was in a slump. 2) I got sick! Yeeccchhh! I'm not sure if it was flu or food poisoning. Whatever it was, it wasn't fun. It lasted through today, and thank goodness, I am feeling good enough now to return to real life tomorrow. What a blessing good health is!!! I'm going to try not to take it for granted in the future.

I did manage to make this tote bag. The block actually was made by Ann D. So all I did was the bag. (Does that make her a Block Head and me a Bag Lady?) It'll go to a silent auction for a women's transitional housing project. I followed a pattern (sort of) but wish I had altered it. The handles are too short, in my opinion. But the bag is long, so longer handles would make it drag on the floor, unless you're tall like me. The pattern wasn't quilted, but I added batting and quilted it. I love quilted bags! If I do another one, I'll alter the proportions. I'm thinking of getting a couple pretty buttons and sew them on where the handles are attached. Don't you think that would look nice?

Oh, today is so pretty! The sun is shining, and our high temp was 81. Nice day to stay home and recover from blecchhhy sickness. I sat on the deck reading for a while. The sun felt so great.

Now I'm back from the blahs, my yucks are gone, I feel great, I want to sew, and after 4 more work days, I'll be on spring break so I CAN sew. Yippeeee!

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Anonymous said...

VERY cute bag - glad the blah's are gone :-)