Sunday, March 11, 2007

Shopping for Fabric

Today I got to do a bunch of fabric shopping for other people! I bought 21 yards of fabric to be put into sewing kits for women around the world. I had a blast! The fabric was on sale, the notions such as thread and buttons were 50% off, and I got 5% off my entire purchase. I was able to buy lots more than I had expected! What fun! These chunks plus some others already purchased will go into sewing kits for 13 women somewhere in the world. The idea is that they can learn to sew some garments for themselves or their family, and perhaps learn an income-producing skill.

After the shopping trip, I put together these two tops that are made from Lotto blocks at Sunshine list. These will be going to children somewhere in the world, also. Aren't they bright and cheery? I don't know yet whether I will quilt these or someone else. It's probably my turn to do some of my own tops. I farm them out a little too often, I think. I just think others are so much better at machine quilting than I am -- however, when I do my own machine quilting I always feel so proud and enjoy the process, plus I get the joy of seeing the finished product. So I will try!
Colors are a little off in this first picture. Those purples really are red, not so purpley.

It was beautiful and sunny today. Slowly but surely our giant snow piles are melting. Hooray!


joyce said...

Fabric shopping is so much fun even if it is to give away. Love the bright cheery quilt tops.

gwen said...

You are very generous to give all this nice fabric away. I hope the women will learn a lot. The 2 quilts are very cheerful. Well done!

Anonymous said...

the second quilt photo is fabulous. I love doing traditional sampler quilts in modern, bright colours

love and hugs gina xxx

ForestJane said...

That fabric in the top picture is going to make som BRIGHT garments, if that's the 21 yards you bought! Is it going to women in the U.S. or another country?