Friday, March 02, 2007

Fascinated by our Snow

You would think we had never seen snow before. It's all the talk around here. We did get two huge storms in one week, so in a blink of an eye we went from drought to doing OK. It just strikes me funny that it's such a big deal to us -- this is Minnesota! We are supposedly used to this stuff. But when it comes in huge amounts, it takes over one's life for a while. It requires a lot of work to dig out, shovel, clean up, and figure out how to get around. Makes for interesting pictures and news stories.

My mail box hasn't been nearly buried like this in many years. I actually like to see this much snow all over. It's so beautiful.

This snowy bush is in my front yard.

Today I shoveled a bit, until my back hurt too much. Then I walked a bit through my neighborhood and took pictures, until my camera battery died. I also did some sewing today.. made some blocks for a Lotto I'm in. I didn't feel particularly inspired and am not thrilled with my blocks, but I guess they'll do. I made the cute snowman to give the Lotto "owner."

Have a great weekend, everyone.


joyce said...

I love that peacock fabric on the upper left. We too have been shovelling out, except here the wind got up so the snow is now hard and drifted.

paula, the quilter said...

I bought several yards of the spiky green in the upper right. I thought it would work well as funky hair in appliqué.

Darcie said...

This snow is the talk, isn't it. Speaking of mailboxes...we haven't had mail for four days!

Love your snow covered bush. Looks like you're growing cotton!

Those fabrics in you various blocks in progress are gorgeous...and GREEN! Love 'em!

anne bebbington said...

Lovely selection of Spring green fabrics - to ward off all that snow I guess

gwen said...

i am glad we never have so much snow here, all that shoveling! Your green blocks look cheerful, full of spring! Well done.