Saturday, July 08, 2017

Finding Pieces, Making Quilts

Lately I have been trying to neaten up my sewing room. When I do this, I always find bits and pieces of projects that I started. I may have forgotten about them or just set them aside, and finding them is a joy of reuniting and being re-enthused.

I often don't make a lot of progress cleaning, because finding the pieces is so much fun. My creative juices start to flow, and I sit down to sew, even though the cleaning isn't done. Here are a few things on which I have made progress because of this method of "cleaning."

This started out as house blocks that I made for fun. Then I decided to make them into a neighborhood. Each house shares a little something with another house.. a chimney here is part of a door there, for example. It's a sharing neighborhood. I wasn't sure I wanted to keep it as a circle, but I'm glad I did. It's about 44-inches in diameter.

This one started out as a barn block that I made several years ago. The block pattern was being passed around the internet or maybe it was in my guild. I can't recall. Anyway, my barn with its barn quilt sat around for a long time until I finally made it into this. The improv-piecing to the left of the barn was something I picked up from the Free Table at my guild. Again, this was quite a while ago. Just today I decided they would look fine put together. After this is quilted, I think I will donate this quilt to the clinic which my guild supports with quilts for Baby Boxes.

Last month at my guild meeting I found a box of strips, mostly beige, on our Free Table. That came home with me, and I made this little purse. Then I made a pillow front. My small group met and worked on making pillows that close with a zipper. I couldn't get to the meeting because of FIL's illness and death, but I had already made the pillow front, so I finished it off my normal way, with overlapping flaps in the back. That method works fine for me.

I have more projects that I want to work on thanks to un-earthing pieces. I love this feeling of being enthused for sewing!


Quiltdivajulie said...

Love the mixing of traditional and improv in the same quilt.

Anonymous said...

That's my kind of cleaning!