Sunday, June 11, 2017

Minnesota Quilt Show

I attended the annual Minnesota Quilt Show which was in Duluth, Minnesota.. the last year it will be in Duluth at least for the next few years. It will alternate between St. Cloud and Rochester for the next four years. (This is decided by cost of the venue.) I love visiting Duluth, so I'm sad that the show will not be there for perhaps several years or forever.

As always, the quilts were awesome, and it was a lot of fun to see them all. Here is a very small sampling.

Berry Patch by Claudia Clark Myers

Gypsy Wife #2 by Candy Kehle

The Newspaper Jane by Sharon Evans
I saved this photo because I want to remember this idea of the middle blocks being jiggled to an on-point position. Not that I'll ever make a full Dear Jane quilt... but I have the book and maybe, just maybe.. some day... I might??

Duluth City Scape by Linda Naughton

This is the display of quilts by my guild, Minnesota Contemporary Quilters. Our theme was "Big and Small."

the one on the left is mine

made by a small group called 9/37. Each of the 9 members made 9 mini-quilts, and named this piece 9X9X9.

In the display of quilts by the guild in Blue Earth, Minnesota, I found this quilt by Julie P. whose blog I follow (Joe Tulips Quilts). That's me looking dorky but happy.

Sorry for the poor photo quality. This is my cousin, Beth, with the quilt she designed. It was made by her group, Make It Modern.

Salvaging Selvages by Alice Weickett. I got into the bad habit of saving selvages, also. I took this photo out of my interest in how people use selvages. I haven't done anything too interesting with them lately.

A group (I don't remember who) made quilts based on idioms. They were a lot of fun and very clever. I only have this one to show you: Read Between the Lines.

a cool 3-D one called Mountains and Valleys by Jackie Gaskins

My cousin and I visited two quilt shops outside of the vendors and the show. One is quite a drive out of town (Duluth) on a farm. We had fun there, but learned that the shop is closing in July. The other was a shop I'd never heard of before, Creations, in the city of Duluth; also a fun place, and we found some good sales there.

Next year's Minnesota Quilt Show will be the 40th annual show and will be in St. Cloud, June 14-16, 2018. See you there?

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Quiltdivajulie said...

How fun to see you AND a quilt by Julie Post! Looks like there was a good variety of quilts in that show - your piece looks great!