Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Books: a Mystery

I read Northwest Angle by William Kent Krueger. I don't usually read mysteries, but I wanted to try one by this author for a couple of reasons: he is from Minnesota and his books take place in Minnesota, and I read his non-mystery book, Ordinary Grace, and LOVED it.

This one was interesting at first. The story piqued my curiosity. Family issues and the introduction of the baby were well done.. I could relate to the daughter falling instantly in love with the baby. I liked the setting with familiar names and places (though I've never been to the Northwest Angle - it is on my bucket list).

By the end of the book I resolved again that I'm not interested in mysteries. I wanted it to hurry and end, and I found some of the events a little far-fetched. Maybe that's the nature of mysteries... but I will say, if I have to read another mystery, I would try another William Kent Krueger book, because it was pretty good "for a mystery."

Note: the last three books I have "read" were actually audio books, so I listened to them. I'm experimenting with it, and finding places I can listen (while sewing) and can't listen (while lounging on my bed - 3 guesses why).

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