Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Books: The Winters After

This week I read All the Winters After by Sere Prince Halverson. The story takes place in Alaska. A man goes back home to Alaska after 20 years away (in Texas). He and various family members are dealing with the long-ago deaths of some of the family in a plane crash. The trauma leaves residue of guilt and pain in many of their lives. The man meets a woman who has spent 20 years entirely alone in order to escape from some family issues and trauma of her own. Together they learn to explore the pain they both experience and to transcend its ramifications.
Good: description of the setting, Alaska, both its harsh winters and its luxurious summers
Not so good: character development - tended toward sappy and stereotypical. Entertaining book, but not great.

By the way, I read this book on my Kindle, but the printed book has a gorgeous cover. You could buy it just for the cover beauty and enjoy some light (although unhappy, at times) reading while on vacation.

reading a Nora Roberts book while waiting for car repairs

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