Friday, June 03, 2016

Friday Book and a Quilt Top

I thought I'd be ready with a book review today, but I'm not quite done. See?

I'm sure I'll finish it tonight or tomorrow, so look for a review this weekend.

Meanwhile, I've been sewing. My two primary machines were both in need of repair, so I'm using a third option, which does not give a consistent 1/4-inch seam. I decided to make an entire quilt top using that machine, so at least the seams would be consistent. Here you go -- a look at my 16-patch quilt top.

I had two mini-charm packs and I also purchased a bag of pre-cut squares for $1 at my quilt guild, so I decided a 16patch pattern would be fun to make. This turned out to be about 42-inches square. Some baby will be the recipient, eventually.

My Juki sewing machine was all done being serviced today, so I'll be back at normal production as soon as I get it set up again. Hooray!


Anonymous said...

So long as you are working with 90-degree angles, that consistent inconsistency works. Not so good when you add in flying geese though. Hmm, yep, learned by experience.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Just curious...What are the dimenstions of the small squares in your quilt compared to a postage stamp quilt piece, for example? You know I'm not a quilter and have never been one, but I own a postge stamp quilt template. I bought it at the Molly Brown House gift shop in Denver. It was meant to be a 'someday project'.

Carol E. said...

Gram: the squares started out at 2.5". They should finish at 2 inches in the quilt, but because of the machine and the larger seam I was using, these finish at about 1.75". I don't know what the standard size is for postage stamp quilts. What size is your template?

Anonymous said...

Hiya C! Great question. I had to dig out the template and measure it. The outside dimenstion is 1 1/4" x 1 1/4". Finished piece would be 1" x 1". In your photo, the small pieces looked close enough to that size for me to ask. I toured the Molly Brown house long before there were rotary cutters, etc, that would make cutting the pieces so much easier. There was a postage stamp quilt on one of the beds that impressed me enough to get the template at th gift shop. There is still always "someday", right?