Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Joy

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We had a fun Christmas Eve at our daughter's house. Here she is with her fam. Their tree was beautiful (a real one). We had a delicious dinner, opened gifts, played a game, had a lot of fun.

Last year I gave M some fabric, and we looked over patterns and agreed on one for his quilt... this year I managed to get the quilt top done but not yet quilted. He likes the quilt! (Whew!)

Christmas Day we slept in, opened gifts between the two of us, then hopped in the car and took off to visit my side of the family. I enjoyed watching the little and medium kids opening their gifts. (Great-nieces and great-nephews are growing up fast, they're not all little kids any more.) We found out our niece is expecting her third child in July 2016! Yay!
examining his Star Wars light that changes colors
(he seemed to like it)

such nice little cuties.. daddy had to hold little wiggly boy in place.

I gave my sister a quilt. She was quite surprised. She and I made these blocks together several years ago. Then they sat in a pile at my house. I decided to make them into a quilt for her. It was fun to surprise her!

A selfie that managed to cut off most of my self. I call it one of the best shots of me ever taken. And finally... SNOW! Christmas Day wasn't white, but it is now. We got about 4 inches. It's so pretty!

Happy New Year, everyone.

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Karen's Quilts from Cape Town said...

Hi Carol

I have SNOW envy! Thanks for sharing the snow picture. We never get snow here. I'd rather be trying to get/keep warm, than wilting in our heat!

Happy New Year to you.