Wednesday, February 04, 2015

The Hands2Help Challenge is a-Comin'

I was just thinking that I might want to start planning for the Hands2Help challenge, when I saw that the announcement is up! Wow, time flies! Even though I was thinking about it, I thought there was still plenty of time! And actually, there IS plenty of time.

Sign-ups to participate in this year's Hands2Help Challenge will begin on March 15. If you forget, just keep visiting my blog and check out the Hands2Help button in the sidebar. (Or grab the button to post on your own blog!) It takes you to the information page. There are three great charities we can support this year.. any one or two or all three of them, as you choose! And there are great prizes.

Last year I donated two quilts. Here they are:

Also last year I won a pack of batik charms. I pulled out the stack and sewed them together in the order they were. I didn't even look at them first. I wanted to see how they would be just as presented. Here is the quilt I made from them:

It's always so much fun seeing the beautiful quilts that people donate to the charity(ies) of their choice. Won't you join us this year??

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