Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Gorgeous Quilting

I have a beautiful quilt in my possession. I made it recently and then took it to my friendly machine quilter, Diane. She does fabulous work!! She pretty much had free rein.. I knew she would do it up beautifully. I picked up the quilt on Monday and was awe-struck. It is GORGEOUS!!!!

Here are a couple of teaser pictures. These are photos of the back, trying to capture the beautiful quilting designs. This is that large piece of fabric I hand-dyed, and it was very uneven... but it makes an interesting quilt back.

I am not showing you the front until I get the binding on and it is totally done. Just wait.. it's a sight to behold.

While you wait, wish my Favorite Son a Happy 27th Birthday today! Where has the time gone??

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Geri said...

It is always fun to find someone else who you share a birthday wish, mine is today also. I have celebrated many, many more than your son has though. Happy Shared Birthday Son of Carol.