Friday, September 06, 2013

Friday Books: Solar Storms

It is currently early Friday morning, and Google tells me that today is Jane Addams' 153rd birthday. Jane Addams is my hero! She has been my inspiration ever since I read a biography of her when I was about 9 years old. The biography was called "Jane Addams, World Neighbor." I wonder if it is still in print. I got it for Christmas; I think the year was 1961. I love how books can change a person's life, or at least, help direct the way one's heart wants to go.

I ended up in a career that is a "helping profession." I knew I needed that aspect in a job. I could never sit at a desk and crunch numbers. Instead I sit at a desk (cubicle) and I crunch language! What a fascinating job.

My book this week is Solar Storms by Linda Hogan. I can't tell you much yet, because I'm only halfway through. But I can tell you that the main character is trying to find herself. She needs to figure herself out from her inside soul to the outside. Maybe then she can know enough about herself to steer her life in a way that perfectly suits her dreams.

I was lucky enough to do so.

Next week I will have this book finished and can tell you all about it. Right now I'll tell you this: the language is beautiful. What a gift good writing is!

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