Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What I Learned From a Flower

This is a tiny, blue flower that blooms in early spring. Years ago it was an Easter flower. I buried the bulb, expecting it to do nothing, but thought I'd take a chance. Lo, and behold, it appeared the following spring! It's tiny, but it's there. It comes back up every year. It makes such a brief appearance, that I often forget to even notice it before it has come and gone. Not only has it bloomed for several years, it also survived a major landscaping overhaul. Amazing!

Lately I have been feeling discouraged about an area in my life that is not going as well as I think it should. In my hubris, of course, I have been thinking that I am OK, but that the other people are lacking and need to change. I have even been thinking I should quit bothering, in this area of my life, and try another avenue.

Today I went to check on my little flower. I hadn't looked for it yet this year. There it was! In full bloom, beautiful, tenacious, mighty! I sat on the ground (well, on a sheet on the ground), communing with my little flower. I realized, with Flower's help, that I could be tenacious, too. Who's to say that a tiny effort on my part couldn't be mighty and even beautiful, like this flower?! I vowed then and there not to give up.

This is my size 9 shoe next to the flower, to show you how tiny the flower is.

I'll keep plugging along, just like my Tiny Flower Friend, and do the best I can. Maybe someone will remember to take some time to stop and notice and appreciate what I might accomplish.. and maybe they'll join me, and we can accomplish even more.

Thank you, Flower, for letting me visit with you today. I think they were right when they said "remember to stop and smell the roses." I did that today, and it was good.


Sextant said...

I had one of those NOW moments a few years ago looking at a tiny little blue flowers called bluets. There was a clump of them blowing in the breeze and they were so vulnerable yet seemingly courageous. The veil parted a for a brief endless moment I had a glimpse of the Infinite.

Here is a lovely photo of bluets here:

Each blossom is smaller than a dime.

Hang in there Carol, you have the tenacity of a windswept bristlecone pine.

Illegitimus non carborundum est.

Sometimes we can find the Sacred in small things that speak directly to our Souls.

Lovely post as always.

Nann said...

They're scilla. We have them in the front flower bed (well, they're a couple of weeks gone by now). I found some in the woods up the street -- they are escaped from gardens (not native).
Here's more: