Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Candle in the Wind

Yesterday my cousin and I went to the Mall of America to see the Diana exhibit. It is traveling around the country/world, and in off-season is in safe keeping at Althorp. I have no idea where it might go next, or when it will be returned to Scotland.

Back in the day I was a huge Diana fan. There was something about her that was so magnetic. Not only was she beautiful and so personable with the commoners, she was also vulnerable and a "hurt little girl" that made me feel tender toward her. She certainly experienced her share of trauma. Royals who grow up in a different world from ours and follow different dating and courtship rules -- they are set up for problems, it seems.

Anyway, I was a fan of her compassionate work with charities, and she just fascinated me so much. Any time she was on a magazine cover I caved and had to buy it. So I knew I wanted to see this exhibit. I once almost traveled to Kansas City to see it. Glad I didn't, because it was much cheaper to just drive to the Mall of America and spend part of an afternoon with my cuz.

her boys who bore the brunt of her loss; poor lads

The exhibit was filled with her clothing and personal items such as toys she had played with, photo albums, and diaries. Her wedding dress and shoes were there. Her shoes were hand painted on the bottom! Tiaras, mementos, and lots of photos and video clips of her as she grew up and in her world travels. Her brother's tribute, delivered at her funeral, was displayed on the wall. You get the idea.

I don't know if I would highly recommend seeing the exhibit. It was fun for me as a fan to have a moment to remember her and enjoy seeing her photos and her clothing up close. If you weren't that into Diana, save your pennies and just Google her if you need to see more about her.

I still miss Diana and feel sad that her life was cut short so tragically. RIP, Diana.



Sextant said...

Diana is one of those tragic stories that you just wonder are not meant to be in some grand lesson.

If Charles and Camilla were so in love why didn't she wait for him? Diana was pretty much a royal birthing vessel for an heir and a spare and I resented how Charles and the family treated her. I feel sorry for the royals that every move must be photographed by the paparazzi. I hold them as responsible for her death as the driver.

I am very much hoping that William and Kate will have a far different trajectory than Charles and Diana. It is my desire that Kate's common red blood will breath some life into the dull listless blue blood of the House of Windsor.

Beth said...

Lydia and I are going sometime before it leaves... we both adored her! We get discount tickets thru work.

Anonymous said...

What broke me up the most was the spray of flowers on her casket with the ribbon that said 'Mummy.' Gone too soon.