Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Stripey Socks

A while ago my friend over at Goodnight Gram posted a pic of her stripey socks (I was slow to jump on the bandwagon. This was quite a while ago.) She did this because another blog friend also did so. I decided to post mine, too, just for fun. Stripey and wild socks are so much fun, don't you think?!

I purchased these socks at my sister's bookstore

These were a souvenir I bought for myself on a family trip. They are intentionally made in random style so that the stripes don't necessarily line up. I love the wild, randomness of them.

By the way, Goodnight Gram is a great blog, full of wisdom and love... you should read her blog! Gram is my friend, and Goodnight is her granddaughter, who she is raising. Angel is Gram's daughter and Goodnight's mom. Angel lives in heaven. Read this blog, and you will learn and grow! You will also be amazed at Gram's outstanding knitting skills.

Coincidentally, I am attempting to learn how to knit socks. Maybe some day I can photograph some stripey socks that I made myself! Until then, here's a photo of a hat I just finished. It is supposed to fit a kid aged about 6 years.


Nancy said...

I've seen the SockLady socks before and would love to purchase a pair. I guess I could knit them myself, but I don't have enough scrap yarn.

Nice job on the hat.

Linda said...

These socks are really cool!

Carol said...

I love your randomly striped socks! What a fun idea!

I'm one of G.G.'s stripey socked friends. Glad you joined us!

Nice hat, too! I just started knitting my first hat. I hope it comes out as well as yours did. We'll see how it goes...

Anonymous said...

Ooh I'm one of GG's stripey sock friends too!

Just love YOUR socks!

Anonymous said...

Carol E: I saw your incoming link, came to visit, saw your sox, then went to my blog to send people here. Duh! I forgot to read your post - or even leave a comment.

I love the randomness of the second pair. I think that's a great souvenir from a trip!

I bought sox as a souvenir from a trip once too! Neat! But your's are more fun than mine.