Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Reading and Sewing and Sewing and Reading

I'm not totally out of my sewing slump, but it's easy enough to sew pre-made crumb blocks to plain squares. I managed to make two tops using this mindless approach while listening to a book on tape: In the Company of Cheerful Ladies by Alexander McCall Smith. It's number six in his No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series.

A friend of mine has listened to several of this series on CDs. She raved about the great reader whose accent and pronunciation of the names and places just made it seem like the reader is sitting in Botswana listening to this story. So I thought I had to try it out since I had no idea how some of the names are properly pronounced. I lucked out when stopping at the library. They had two of the CD packs available: one for book 6 which is exactly what I needed. I do love hearing this book being read to me. Gives me another sense of the stories that I miss when reading it to myself.

I think I'll go back to just plain old reading when it's time for No. 7 in the series, but I'm glad I've listened to one for the unique audio experience. Of course, I am finding it very entertaining to listen while sewing... but it has to be mindless sewing to make this work. I'll see how my coming-out-of-slump process goes.

Oh, and to help the slump-ending process along (or hinder it???) I joined Tonya's Summer 2008 class. I'm glad she called it Summer rather than Spring. That gives me plenty of time to try to come up with an idea and to work it out. Right now I am free of ideas. (It sounds better worded this way, don't you think? Lots better than saying I'm stuck and empty-brained!)

I managed to make two blocks for the Lotto group I'm in. Had hoped I could churn out more than two, but it wasn't to be.

Hugs to my pal, Karen, whose mother died this week.


Tracey in CT said...

I love your blue and yellow blocks! I'm not good at listening to books on tape, I have to concentrate and can't seem to ever do anything else at the same time.
I'm kind of in a sewing slump right now, too. I can't get past the mess in my sewing room and I'm just way too distracted by all the other stuff in my life right now. Such a bummer!!!!

Karen said...

I love your blue and yellow blocks, too. I think the sewing slumps are a regular part of the creative cycle. Love the phrase "free of ideas" lol!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

ooh, those utility quilts sound great. and I like your choice of listening material - I'll give that a try when I'm back near a library again. My aunt swears by the Stephanie Plum books on cd - she says the New Jersey accent is a hoot.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

d'oh, make that "utility quilts LOOK great" - got myself all confused because I was thinking of books on tape too.

Darcie said...

My heart goes out to your friend as well.

You are just too funny! Honestly...if you're in a slump...I'd love to be in it with you. ;-) One day at a time, my friend!