Thursday, March 20, 2008

Back in the Ring

I guess it was easier than I realized to get the Mavericks ring code back, but I didn't know how... if anyone ever loses their ring code, this is how to get it back:

"you have the ability to do all this through
alt.webring yourself. Click on ANYONE's panel for
LIST...and log in with your user name and password"

I would have done this if I had known how, and my time away from the ring would have been brief. Anyway, I'm just happy to be back in the ring. Hopefully I'll have no more blog explosions.

Not long ago I was at the Mall of America. I enjoyed watching the kids play, while the moms stood around waiting patiently. Now that my kids are adults I like to watch scenes like this, thinking nostalgically about my kids when they were young. I didn't know how quickly the time would fly and how precious my time with them was. I'd have been a better mom back then if I had known how the days would fly away. I'm blessed with two wonderful adult children; mostly I love having adult children, but sometimes I miss those days of being Mommy and kissing the boo-boos.


Karen said...

But you know, it would have gone fast even if you kept thinking, this is going to go by so quickly. Because I did, because my cousin said to me one time (had a child much older than mine), you're going to blink your eyes and he'll be all grown up, so treasure every moment.

BrendaS said...

That's a familiar scene to me at MOA. We've been three times, and they've always spent hours racing their LEGO creations there. And yes, I just blinked, and now they're both taller than me. But they still love LEGO, and hate fabric shopping with mom. Happy Easter.

Beth said...

Hey Carol.. I made it over! I know what you mean about time going fast...but I got a second chance with my little one! I am getting the best of both worlds... the two older girls are both in their 20's...and I can remember conversations with them when they were younger! I am enjoying getting to know you!