Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Second Snowfall

Looks like it'll definitely be a white Christmas! Today we got our second accumulating snowfall of the season, already (total in our driveway approx 8-9 inches so far.. some shoveled out, some not yet). I stepped out my front door and snapped this shot.. it's blurry, but it shows our snow. See the red Christmas lights? At first I had them on the low bush in the front.. but the snow weighed it down so much that the lights were on the ground, under several inches of snow. It made kind of a cool soft pinkish effect through the snow, but no one could see them unless peering right at them from inches away. So I pulled them out of the snow and tossed them onto this other bush. It's not the most artful display, but what the heck.. call it Liberated Lighting.

And now I shall attempt to answer Tracey's question about space for photos on Blogger. Not that I understand it totally, but this is what we figured out. (I had to have my computer geek husband sit by me and listen to my whole history and see what I was describing and hope that he could help me figure it all out.) Bottom line is, each picture uses up space. Once you post the picture, it takes a certain amount of space. At one time I had about 4 blogs going, including my St. Paul Daily Photo blog which used up a LOT of photo space (at least 365 photos in the year, plus extras that I posted at a secondary blog).

Once I realized I was running low on space, I completely deleted my Daily Photo blog as I was no longer posting there. However, Blogger has this all figured out. My photos still count against me. They are somewhere... on some obscure server somewhere, or floating around the earth in cyberspace or something, so they still count. Even though I deleted the blog, they are still in the permanent record of blogifications. Whatever.

We searched and monkeyed and tried to find the loophole, but there didn't appear to be any. So I gave in and bought more space. The original space that I used up was 1 GB. And remember, I had several blogs going and posted lots of pictures. This blog is coming up on two years old. So it does take a while to use up the 1 GB, especially if you have only one blog. It'll be a nice long while before you run out.

I bought the lowest amount of extra space which was $20 for 10 GB. That's $20/year. I enjoy blogging and posting, so I went for it. With that much space I can keep doing this for eons. Aren't you thrilled you'll get to keep reading my blatherings for a good, long time to come???


Elaine Adair said...

Thank you for the excellent explanation of needing more space! You are talented with your words. I've been wondering how Blogland was going to keep doing all this for FREE - surely they have to have some income from all our requirements!

I really wanted to comment on the darling wall hanging - so cute! Rum pa rum rum!

Tracey in CT said...

Thanks for the explanation!! I never figured on a limit, since Gmail supposedly has no limit, I figured this would be the same.
But I think I'd pay the $20 per year to keep blogging if I had a space issue, too. Seems like cheap entertainment to me! I'll be glad to keep reading your blatherings!!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

I didn't even know they sold more space. nor that all your different blogs count against you. I thought it was per blog. and deleting photos doesn't work? aiyee. glad you got it figured out.