Saturday, December 08, 2007

Finally Traveled the Ring

I have not visited all the Mavericks in the longest time. Last night I finally took the time to visit each blog. I just couldn't leave many messages, because (1) I'm in awe of all the talent the Mavericks possess, but I wanted to make it all the way through the ring, and writing messages to each and every Maverick would have taken too many hours, and (2) some of you are becoming so well-known, you already have piles of comments and don't need a goof-ball comment from me. But, I did enjoy the trip through the ring, and feel so inspired by all of you.

Several Mavs are doing Bonnie's mystery, including me. As everyone else has said, I need another project like I need another hole in my head, but who can resist a free Bonnie design? I may have to buy a little fabric to fill out what I've chosen from my stash, but that's OK. I have done pretty well using up my stash this year, either by putting it in quilts, or sharing it with scrap users in other ways. So I allow myself to buy fabric without feeling guilty about it.

Last night our son stopped by, unannounced, with his new girlfriend. We are always happy to see him! She seems very nice and I'm excited for them both. You know how fun it is when you can see that your child is happy, and so is the friend? They look at each other with sparkles in their eyes, which is a very good sign. I was so embarrassed, though, because our house is a total armpit right now. She saw it at its worst. But she seems very non-judgmental, which is great. I've been meaning to clean up all week, but I chose to sew and to work on our Christmas cards instead. We got our tree up last week... way early, for us. And we have wrapped gifts under it, which is also way early.

I finished my top made in Tonya's winter class. It is bound and labeled and hanging in our living room! I think I finished this one in record time. I tried posting it SIX times and each time it had these terrible extra colors. Most of them were so bad, you couldn't even see the quilt. I gave up and posted this one that only has the extra pink stripe on there. How annoying. Does anyone else ever get this problem? I can't figure out what is causing it.

It's pretty cold this weekend (below zero F. overnight), but I ventured out today to give blood and to finish up a little bit of Christmas shopping. I'm nearly done, just have a couple easy things left that I can do in no time at all. Have a great week, everyone!


Tracey in CT said...

The quilt looks great, in spite of the pink stripe. Sorry that you are still having trouble with posting your pictures...wish I could help figure something out for you!

Your little rail fence blocks look good. So far I am resisting doing it, but will probably jump in eventually!!!

Magpie Sue said...

Sheesh! Here I am, thinking maybe I would finally jump in and do a winter quilt with Tonya and you're already DONE! It turned out great! I like your name block too, just the way it is :- )