Thursday, January 18, 2018

Retreat in the Dead of Winter

I went to another quilt retreat. My cousin and a friend were in charge, so when they still had room, I signed up last minute. It was in northern Minnesota at a conservation center. This was the beautiful room in which we sewed:

I know it looks lonely here, but it was full of action for several days. This is at the end of the retreat when everyone but three of us had left; we were cramming in our last minute cutting and sewing.

It was very cold during our whole time there (at one point as low as -25 deg. F), so we spent very little time outside. My table was at this window, right by the bird feeder, so I had fun watching the birds.

You have probably seen this quilt before. It is very big (ten feet long!), so I had put off attaching the binding. I finally got that done, then I slept under the quilt the rest of the nights. It's a toasty warm quilt.

Jill worked on this; I love the pattern and wrote down the name... now if I can only remember where I wrote it down.

Kathy worked on this:

My sister made this quilt; I added some borders.

Several of us made drawstring gift bags. I'm in the front middle.

I enjoyed this retreat and the snow-covered, colder-than-heck north woods. I did not go crazy taking photos this time.

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