Saturday, May 20, 2017

I Miss my Sewing Machine!

My preferred sewing machine, Juki, is in being serviced. It takes two weeks. It's the longest two weeks of my life. I have been using my Featherweight, which I love, but it is limited. I made this bag today. There are some finishing touches that I can't do until I get my Juki back.

I have a couple of quilts that need bindings, but I'll wait for my Juki for that.

My small group met and had a fun Show and Tell -- dyed wool, a beautiful series, and a quilt made out of ties:

I learned about these little Crinkle toys for babies. They are super easy to make, and I can see why babies love them. I love them! A couple friends and I are going to order the crinkle papers for these and share the cost. These were made by my friend, K:
Are you familiar with Crinkle toys?

I made one so far. For the crinkly innard I used the bag from a box of cereal. It's OK, but I like the "real" crinkle paper better. Here is the front and back. I will do decorative stitches like K. did when I am reunited with Juki. I quilted those little squares in the middle, but those are not necessary.

Can't wait to get Juki back home. One more week... Meanwhile, I am headed to a class on Maintaining Your Featherweight.


Geri said...

I have heard about the crinkle paper but I haven't seen it anywhere, may I ask where were you able to order it from?

Carol E. said...

Geri, the crinkle paper is ordered from Etsy.