Monday, September 07, 2015

Another Fence Post!

I have been working hard at getting tops machine quilted. I now have a box full of 9 quilts ready to send to Quilts Beyond Borders (and two to go elsewhere)! Two of them were made and quilted by Sally. The others were made and/or assembled by me and quilted by me. It was a good day to do a fence photo session again.

My orange quilt is pictured twice, because I didn't want my last quilt to be lonely. (And that orange one is one of my favorites from the Tahoe quilts I made.)
Last two photos are Sally's quilt backs and then Sally's quilts.


Sally in Saint Paul said...

nice background to show off the quilts.

Anonymous said...

What interesting backs on the last two. I'm glad you mentiond they were backs. I wondered if it was a new take on a front. Ehat do I know about quilting anyway?! I love the fence/quilt photos!

p.s. I recently saw a photo of a quilt in a magazine that I thought I could actually accomplish. I may have to give it a go sometime.

Carol E. said...

Gram, go for it! Then you can be a knitter who sometimes quilts, and I am a quilter who sometimes knits.