Friday, June 19, 2015

Loose Threads, Challenge One

I know it's Friday and I should have a book review for you, but I don't. I'm still reading To Kill a Mockingbird. So far 2015 has not been a great reading year for me. I have read some fabulous books, but not many of them. I have been a slow reader this year.

Instead I'll share with you some pictures of the first challenge we did in a new small group I am a part of. We call ourselves The Loose Threads. There are five of us, so far. We just got started in April, and we meet once a month. When we had our first meeting, I had purchased a piece of red floral fabric that said clearly "use me for a challenge." So I did. I cut pieces for everyone, and handed them out at our first meeting and said, "make something." Four of the five of us made something. Here's the photo of the results:

table runner by Karrie, small bag by Sally, table topper left by Sunny, wall hanging right by Carol (me)

My little people are paper-pieced. The pattern shows five of them, but I got tired of the tiny, putzy work after two. The woman on the left is wearing the challenge fabric, but I colored in the white spots with a pigma pen. And I also used the challenge fabric on the bottom right for the garden. Mine is called "A Walk Through the Garden." This was fun.

At our recent June meeting Sunny gave us some fabric by Kaffe Fassett which is for our next challenge, Challenge Two. Same rule: "make something." I have my thinking cap on. Maybe I'll let the ideas percolate while I ... finish reading TKAM?


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Kaffe Fassett fabric must have been colorful! He can knit like crazy, too! I loved looking at his knitting books!