Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Community Service Chair?

Me? Yes! I volunteered to become the Community Service Chair at my guild. It was a vacant position, and we need to do something for Community Service. It's an important part of our guild, yet it seemed that it had hit an obstacle, and it wasn't clear what would happen next. So I decided to take the bull by the horns.

Not that impressive, really, except that I'm also the newsletter editor, so I'm taking on a chunk. I think it'll be fine. I always have a lot of ideas for quilt destinations, so hopefully we can keep it interesting.

At our meeting last night we had the final show of the past year's community service quilts. Wow! What a fabulous year of productivity! (That's actually part of the problem.. a lot of people are slightly burned out.) I got to bring home all the quilts that we will donate to Bundles of Love (a local charity). There are about 70 quilts. I sorted them to make sure each one has a label. Here are the piles:

These approximately 50 quilts have labels.

These approximately 20 quilts have no labels. It's fun having all these quilts in my house. I can pretend I made them all. HaHa!

Meanwhile, in other news, my mother is moving into assisted living this week. We are very relieved, because she needs more frequent overseeing by a staff who can help her in medical situations. (For example, she has taken several falls lately.) She is happy she will no longer need to grocery shop and make her own meals. Win-Win. Soon I'll go visit and see her new digs.


Anonymous said...

When do you sleep? You sure find fun ways to keep yourself busy. Best do luck to your move as she makes this transition.

BrendaLou said...

I've headed up this committee for my guild in CA and thoroughly enjoyed it...except for the time I thought we should make 10 quilts for a good cause and no one else volunteered to make a quilt (and they had to be finished in 2 months!). I had to do them all.....
But then I actually liked doing it.