Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Books: by Ms. Ng

I read Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng. This was an Advanced Reader Copy. It will officially go on sale on June 30 this year. How does one pronounce the author's last name, Ng?

This book is sad, but it's very well written so it's "easy" to read despite its sadness. The story is of a family whose daughter dies, and the aftermath of her death.. what happens to each family member as they deal with grief in different ways, and what happens to the family unit. I haven't given you any spoilers by telling you that she dies. The first line of the book is "Lydia has died."

It's sad but not hopeless. I recommend it because of the excellent writing, and the great character development. You get to see events through several different eyes. I like that kind of a story. I give this book 5 stars.
Note about my Friday Books posts: On Fridays I like to share pictures of people reading, but I don't always have appropriate shots to share. I decided to share library pictures with you as well. This first one is a gorgeous library which I found online. It's the Canadian Library of Parliament. I assure you, the library pictures will not always be this spectacular. I will continue to post pictures of people reading, also. I love when I find a situation which I can photograph myself rather than borrowing from the internet. Now that it's summer, I may find more photo opportunities.

Gorgeous library, eh? (See how I'm speaking Canadian?)


Anonymous said...

Spectatulary library photo. I would LOVE my ligint room to look like the space between two of the top tiered stacks! The pronunciation of the surname Ng is "ing" in English.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about my typos in my comment above. I broke my glasses.