Sunday, March 21, 2010

Great Weekend!

Wow.. fun weekend! The sunshine and spring-like temps are really boosting my spirits and my energy! It's great!

Friday night we ate dinner in Beirut. OK, it was "Beirut Restaurant" in West St. Paul. We dined with Charles' parents, and they suggested we try the sampler thing of appetizers galore and kabobs for dinner. It was fabulous! Everything was very delicious! My least favorite was the eggplant-something that looked like slimey oatmeal. Otherwise, everything else was super tasty. The family that owns the restaurant is from Lebanon, and the food is totally authentic. I give it 5 of 5 stars!

Saturday hubby and I ate at Outback Steakhouse. They must have had their top chef on duty. Both our steaks were ultra-fantastic, done perfectly! I'm not even a big steak fan, but mine was heavenly.

Saturday was a gorgeous, sunny day, even though the forecast had called for a rain/snow mix. What we really got was a blue sky with no clouds in sight. Lovely. Saturday also was National Quilting Day, so I celebrated by sewing all afternoon and evening. I got all the blocks done for a quilt I need to finish by the end of May. That felt good. Now I'm working on assembling it.

Sunday: another doozie. Sunny and warm. Church was fun. BR made my day by saying this to me: "your time spent at the gym is paying off." WOW! I've only lost about 5 lbs, I think. Better than nothing, I guess. I think she just thought I was looking thin because my pants were kinda baggy. Nevertheless, it felt great, and spurred me into taking a 2-mile walk today. I had let my gym visits slide a little this last week.

I did some knitting this weekend, too. More dish cloths. They are coming out of my ears. But we'll have a nice, big pile to take with us to Rosebud. Several others have volunteered to help. Hooray!

Now it's Sunday night, and I'm hungry again. Charles is about to prepare a chicken and vegie stir-fry delight. Isn't he a doll? I think I'll keep him.


Jill said...

i had a fabulous weekend with my sister too! and an extra day off tomorrow - i feel totally spoiled!

Anonymous said...

Not only are you knitting again, you are knitting fast! Look at all those beautiful dish cloths!

oldbatt said...

It WAS a great weekend in MN - I live north of the cities and we walked 3 miles on Sunday! I love those dish clothes and I buy them all the time at the thrift stores - I can't believe people get rid of them. Lisa