Sunday, July 06, 2008


The guild where my sister is a member (Lakes Area Quilters in MN) made this raffle quilt. It is a generous queen size. All the blocks are paper pieced 50-State star patterns by Carol Doak, made by various members of the guild. I have seen this quilt in person, and it is GORGEOUS. This is definitely one quilt that doesn't photograph well. I mean, it is pretty in a photo but STUNNING in person. (This photo was taken before the quilt was bound.)

If you are interested in getting a ticket for this quilt (only $1 each), let me know and be sure I can see your e-mail address so I can get back to you. I believe the drawing is in late July, so you have only a couple weeks to get your $1 to me. Of course, this is totally your option. I'm just showing you this quilt because it's so beautiful!


knitnoid said...

The quilt is absolutely gorgeous. I'd love to know how to get a raffle ticket.

08armydoc said...

Carol - what size? And where does the $$ go?
- Leslie

Darcie said...

I thought before even reading that those stars had to be Carol Doak-related. GOR-GEOUS!!!

Carrie said...

I'd love to purchase some raffle tickets for this quilt!