Friday, August 17, 2007

More About SF, and Help Me With Barbie

I briefly mentioned my recent trip to San Francisco, CA. I was lucky to get a tip from an online quilter I know. She led me to this shop, Britex Fabrics. It was not too far from our hotel; we were able to walk there!

First thing I noticed was these men hanging around outside the shop. I took that to be a good sign! Must be a few wives/girlfriends inside, eh?? It's a big shop! I think it has four floors. I only went on floors one and two (street level and floor one to some of you). I drooled over some gorgeous silks but what would I do with gorgeous silks? Just ruin them, if I ever dared even cut into them and try sewing them. So I stuck with what I know - cotton - and bought two small pieces just for SF souvenirs.

Here's what I bought:

I have no clear plan for what to do with them, don't plan to use them together, and I know about as much as you do what they will eventually turn into. For now they are percolating.

On another topic, what do you think you would do with 4 million FQs of Barbie fabric? I got this box free. I don't know if I would have accepted it if I'd really known what I was getting. I plan to make one doll blanket. That will use up about 1/200th of the stash. If anyone wants any of this stuff, let me know and we can work something out. You can pay for shipping, and you can have as much of it as you want.

My summer vacation is fast coming to a close, and I'm feeling panicked about not having enough time to sew. For the next couple of days I have to clean house and get ready for a big batch of company - a farewell party for my BIL who is moving away. I have given zero thought to menu and other plans. Next week is my last real week of freedom, but I already have so much to do and places to go.. I think I won't get much sewing done then, either. Time is sometimes my enemy!

Speaking of time, Thursday was my husband's birthday. It's a big mid-way one, making us both feel somewhat shocked at the passage of time. When he turns a big age, it's a signal that it'll soon be my turn. He's about six weeks older than I am. So with that thought in mind, I'll go to bed for my Beauty Rest. (I keep hoping for a miracle along those lines.)


Anonymous said...

I would LOVE some of the Barbie fabric
one of my daughters was such a barbie fanatic/lover...would love to make her a quilt and surprise her with it.
wonderful childhood memories ...even though she is only 15 now!
Please email me and we can work it out I am happy to send you a check for the postage.
I really enjoy reading your blog.

Alice I. said...

Hi Carole! First of all, thank you for visiting my blog (quilted giraffe)! I love giraffes!!

So on what street exactly was Britex Fabrics? It has been ages since I've been to S.F. I loved visiting, but wouldn't want to live

That is so kind of you to share the wealth of FQs! I would love some Barbie FQs for my granddaughter. I'm sure we can negotiate and will gladly pay for shipping.


Alice I.

Alice I. said...

P.S. I, too, joined the Secret Santa swap! Sounds like fun.

Alice I.

Sonnja said...

Wow, what a beautiful fabricks!!!
Kind Regards,


Finn said...

Hi Carol, boy, that school year is coming up fast, isn't it?? Glad you are back in MN *VBS*
If you still have Barbie fabric to share(for postage) I'd be interested. Wanna drop me an email at if you still have some packets??
The SS Swap looked liked a lot of fun, but my obligations are heavy right now to finish up several things, and I'm soooo slow. Maybe another time for me..*VBS* I'd like to do the Doll Quilt Swap also, but held off like a good girl! Hope to hear from you soon, Hugs, Finn

ForestJane said...

It looks so nicely packed... bet you could get some good prices on eBay... have you thought of that?

Barbie wasn't a part of my growing up, even though I was the right age during the barbie craze. My mom thought she had too much 'bosom' for a little girl to play with, so I had Skipper, Barbie's (flat chested) little sister... lol.

Whenever we played Barbies, I had to be the little sister who admired the outfits barbie changed into, then stay home with the babysitter (the ugly doll with the home haircut) while barbie drove off with ken in her pink convertible.

Sweet P said...

I'll take some of the Barbie fabric. I have a couple nieces who like Barbie dolls. Just drop me a line and we'll talk.

Tamera Svanes said...

LOVE YOUR BLOG! It's so fun to find fellow quilters.

Also, I have a two year old who was a preemie and I have a diaper that's maybe a bit smaller than the one that you have a picture of, LOL.

I would LOVE some of the Barbie fabric as I have two girls (7 and 5) who are learning to quilt and play Barbie for hours on end.

Drop me a line: locumdo at

Tracey said...

I'd love some of the Barbie fabrics for WAS and WTIL quilts, if you have any left...

The fabric with the lobsters is very fun! Can't wait to see what you make from it!

Anonymous said...


If you have any Barbie Fabric, I would like to buy few fat quarters from you for a pillow for my daughter's bed.