Monday, February 19, 2007

Long Weekend

Hooray, I have today off! I have been so naughty this weekend. I stay up sooo late into the wee hours. I'm embarssed even to admit how late I stayed up on Saturday and Sunday nights. I have never been up so late, even when I was a young night owl. Anyway, I have spent most of the weekend sewing on this quilt for my brother-in-law. I promised him a red, white & blue quilt. He doesn't remember asking for one in those colors, but he did. I'm a little disappointed that I used so many light blues and that I'm not as fond of how they look. A mixture is nice, but I think I have too many lights in there.

As you can see, my design wall doesn't accommodate a very big quilt. This is 40 x 60 and takes up every inch. I actually have two design areas about the same size, but they are not side by side. And one is currently my make-do "bulletin board." I keep hanging reminder items on there "temporarily." I just never seem to get around to removing them so I can use it for its intended purpose.

This quilt is now on the living room floor so I can add to it. I think I'm nearing completion. Good thing, too, because I am running out of the background fabric.

I made another fabric postcard this weekend, similar to the last one I posted. Can you see my tiny initials on there? Look for CE. This one is going to a LQS that is sponsoring a postcard challenge. Next month all the postcards they receive will be on display. And everyone who sent one in will get one back from the shop. It'll be fun to see what I get from them. The shop owner is in the artist category whereas I'm in the putzy category, so I look forward to seeing what she sends.
Oh, I just remembered another postcard I made, just for fun. Here's that one:

I'm trying to convince myself to do some housework instead of sewing, but I'm so close to getting this top all assembled.... I hate to interrupt the flow. Have a great, sunshiney day, everyone!


Lois R. said...

I disagree with you about too much light blue. It is beautiful. I like the pale yellow (?) in the background.

Sewcatherine said...

I also really like the light blue...dark blue is much more common to see in 'patriotic' colors. Yours is unique!!

Maxine Mossop said...

Love the string quilt you did for Heart Strings also the postcards are lovely.
Maxine in Aus