Sunday, November 05, 2006

Comfort Food/Comfort Quilts

Hooray! I finally got to do some sewing today. I put comfort food in the oven (meat loaf, potatoes, squash.) While those things baked, I got to sew! Earlier I had gone through my stash and cut squares from some fabrics that had just a little left. I made one quilt top from 9-inch squares, and one from 6-inch squares. The 9-incher is here:

I also got a top put together from blocks made by other people. Here's that top:

Both of these quilts will be for Wrap Them in Love.
Just for fun, here's the comfort food I enjoyed for dinner tonight:


Hedgehog said...

What I would do for some acorn squash!! Sounds like you had a good weekend.

ForestJane said...


I quilted all afternoon too... I made meatloaf today too... with baked potatoes. I also had squash (but mine was leftover butternut squash I'd cooked yesterday, not acorn squash today.)

Isn't a nice bake-up dinner nice to make when you're trying to sew?

Also tried adding a half cup of grated cheese to my meatloaf, on a friend's recommendation, she said it added a cheeseburger type flavor. I couldn't tell a difference... lol

joyce said...

The quilts look great and the meal looks delicious. Wish I was there to taste it! Lol.

YankeeQuilter said...

What nice quilts...I'm sure they'll be appreciated! I bought some butternut squash at the farm store today to try and make some soup - more comfort food!