Monday, January 09, 2006

The Case of the Disappearing Blocks

Tonight I made about ten small blocks. They had to be squared up. I moved the blocks over to my cutting mat while I looked for my squaring ruler. This is a distance of about 4 feet from sewing machine to cutting mat. Voila! I found the ruler. Turned around to start working on the blocks, and I couldn't find them! I've been searching around for hours and still can't find them. What on earth did I do with them? Or did they grow legs and run off on their own? It's a mystery.


Beth in the Catskills said...

Were the blocks near the edge of the table?! Sounds just like what my cats would do -- just a paw here, and paw push there, and off the table the blocks go!

Sandy W said...

Did you ever find the blocks or are they still out there in an parallel universe?